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Average Life of Roof Replacement vs Restoration

Roof Replacement vs. Restorative Coating

Get a -Better than New Roof- with our Roof Coatings #RoofCoatings #RoofLeak #RoofArmour Click To TweetWhen faced with the decision to determine how to solve your roofing issues, you have two options; 1) tear off the existing roof(s), disposal at landfill,  and install a new one, 2) Re-cover and Restore your existing roof with one of Roof Armours roof coating systems.

Building codes typically allow a second roof to your building if the first roof is failing. For example, if you have a

shingle roof now, you can usually add on a metal roof. However, anything after the second roof,you need to choose between a roof tear-off with complete new installation(usually including new roof decking as well) or a roof coating

system to restore your current roof to “Better than New”. Choosing Option 2 (Restorative Coating) over Option 1 (traditional roof tear-off and replacement), saves the building owner a large amount of time and money. It also saves the tenants occupying the building from noise disruptions and potential business closures – both which can affect income during the re-roofing phase. When your roof is restored with Roof Armours Roof Coatings, the process is much quieter, faster, less evasive, less messy and much more affordable.

Roof Armours Roof Coating systems are the ideal option as they can quickly and affordably restore your existing roof to new. They can be fully re-coated every 15-20 years, allowing you to avoid a costly tear-offs and replacements forever. Roof coating systems are spray applied directly over an existing aged or failing roof, eliminating all unnecessary and messy removal. Roof removal not only takes a great amount of time and effort to remove the roof, but also transportation and disposal to a landfill. This disposal process increases costs for additional labor and removal, transportation, landfill and disposal fees.

On a recent project, the customer had a combined area of 10,000 sq ft, 20 year old BUR roof, which was severally cracked and aging, not to mention leaking with every rain and snow storm. They received a quote from a reputable local company for a roof tear off and replacement with torch-on (roll roofing) at a rate of $9/sq ft. Additional costs would be to replace rotten decking areas at a rate of $3.25/sq ft, plus disposal fees. Combined, this project was much too costly for the customer. They reached out to Roof Armour for a quote. We were able to provide them with a price to repair degraded areas, prime the entire surface, seal leaking areas and obvious weak spots and then top coat for only $5.25/sq ft. The board was ecstatic with the savings and longevity aspect. The jumped at the opportunity to get a roof restoration for a fraction of the cost they would have paid with a roof replacement, while enjoying the peace of mind from a Renewable Lifetime Warranty Service Package.

Roof Armour’s slopped and flat roof coating systems can save you thousands. They reduce noise and odor disruptions to your business, allowing you to remain open during the ENTIRE installation process and only from Roof Armour; you can also enjoy a Lifetime Renewable Warranty Service Package, to ensure excellent and long term waterproofing capabilities for decades to come.

Interested in restoring or re-coating your aged and failing roof? Roof Amour has several hybrid-acrylic, High Solids Silicone, and tough thermoplastic roof coating systems designed for Canadian freeze/thaw seasons as well as products that are cool and reflective and do not require a costly and timely roof tear-off or replacement to occur. Our Roof Armour coatings are tested and rated by several third party organizations such as the Cool Roof Rating Council, Energy Star Certified Roofing Products, Title 24 Compliant and more.

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