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Roof tempurature comparison with coating

Top 10 Benefits of Roof Armour’s Roof Coatings

Roof Armour Coatings Have Tax Benefits #RoofCoatings #Taxes #RoofArmour Click To TweetTop 10 Benefits of Roof Armour’s Roof Coatings 

  1. Renewable  – Roof coatings can be renewed with re-application, thus Maximizing Roof Life.
  2. Reduced Roof Maintenance – Stretches the capital budget and reduces expenditures for repairs and costly shut downs.
  3. Energy Savings and Improved Efficiency – Roof Armour Coatings have an insulative value up to R-11, helping to keep the interior warmer in winter, cooler in summer. Reflective qualities also help to keep roof substrate and interior cooler in the winter, translating into less wear and tear on HVAC units.
  4. Tax Benefits – Maintenance vs. Capital Expenditures, costs of maintenance (eg. Roof Coatings) can deducted as tax credit during current year, while Capital Expenditures (eg. Roof replacement projects) are amortized over future years.
  5. Seamless Membrane – Watertight seal from edge to edge to ensure no chance of water penetration at flashings, bolts, seams, joints or roof vents.
  6. Non-Intrusive Application Process – Less Disruptive than replacement to occupants – No tear off, no disposal, no torches, no hammers, no mess, no tar, just a little foot traffic.
  7. Environmentally friendly – reduces landfill waste and urban heat islands with reflective roofing. Additionally, all coatings are considered low VOC’s.
  8. Renewable Lifetime Warranty Service Package available for peace of mind.
  9. Quick Installation Process. Roof Armour’s 4 step process is clean, primer, seam and bolt sealant, top coat installation.
  10. Renovation Financing Available through third party for projects up to $25,000.