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A Hail-Proof Roof

A Hail Proof Roof?

Fixing a hail-damaged roof isn’t cheap.hail on roof

With the threat of damage from weather and natural disasters, the roof is one of the most important parts of the home that needs maintaining. Being proactive in roof maintenance is best. Proactive homeowners can invest in ” impact-resistant roofing“, especially if they live in an area known for hail, strong winds, and thunder storms. Doing so can cut insurance premiums as much as 30-40%.

It’s best for homeowners to talk to their insurance agents to learn about specific discounts for materials other than standard asphalt for the roof. While metal roofing will usually provide the largest discount, it can be much more costly than standard asphalt shingles. Experts suggest considering heavier-grade Class 4 modified asphalt and shake shingles, which include a 30- to 50-year limited warranty. This is a more economical alternative than replacing a roof damaged by storms.

The idea is — spend a little more money now and pay less down the road.

One way homeowners can lower their insurance bill is to choose a tough roof.


Impact Resistant Roofing Classifications:large damaging hail

  • Class One – withstands 1 ¼” steel ball impact
  • Class Two – withstands 1 ½” steel ball impact
  • Class Three – withstands 1 ¾” steel ball impact
  • Class Four – withstands 2” steel ball impact


Impact Resistant Roofing Options:

Asphalt Shingles

  • Currently Several Major Manufacturers Producing Class 3 and 4 products
  • Available in 3 Tab and Dimensional Products

Simulated Wood and Tile Products

  • Simulated Shakes and Slates made from recycled rubber
  • Fiber-Cement Shingles


  • Available in numerous types – standing seam, tiles, shakes and panels
  • Usually Class 4 rated – Still subject to cosmetic damages


NOW AVAILABLE: Protective Coatings as applied by Roof Armour Inc. based out of Fort Macleod, AB.


  • Before Roof Armour Coatings Applied
    Before Roof Armour Coatings Applied

    After Roof Armour Coatings Applied
    After Roof Armour Coatings Applied









Insurance companies like this product and so does the consumer.

Generally hail makes tiny cuts though roof membranes, however with protective coating, the hail stone will just bounce off.

When class 2 hail tested, the coated membrane did not show any signs of cracking, splitting, separation or rupture under examination when magnified 10x.

Don’t be part of the stat … “August 12-13 2012: A massive hail storm wreaks havoc on Calgary and surrounding area (Cardston) costing insurers about $552 million”

Help your Roof Survive with Roof Amours’ Protective Coatings. www.RoofArmour.com

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