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6 Common Locations for Roof Leaks

Leaking Roof? ... Check out this quick list of Possible Offenders #RoofLeak #RoofCoating #Tips Click To TweetA roof leak is a major nuisance. Finding a leak can be frustrating or relatively simple, depending on location and weather conditions, it’s like “finding a needle in a haystack”.  Roof Armour offers a Leak Detection Service with an infrared Camera to test for anomalies and moisture in insulation. However, if you choose to try to locate the leak on your own here are 10 common Locations for Roof Leaks.
Did you know? Roof leaks can ruin insulation, become a breeding ground for black mold, damage interior ceilings and walls, and begin to rot wooden framing.

1. Offender: Aged roofing (ex. Shingles)

All roofing materials especially asphalt shingles age. Continuous expansion and contraction with the change in temperatures (thermal cycling) cause roof surfaces to turn brittle and eventually crack. Years of harsh rays from direct sunlight can melt the tar that keep shingles flexible. Father Time has not lost a battle yet against roofing materials life expectancy. Caulk and Tar are common DIY leak remedies, but they are temporary.

Roof Armours SealantRoof Armours Sealant and Top Coat

Why not try Roof Armours Sealant and Top Coat for your next project.

2. Offender: Brick Chimneys

Have you ever seen historic house ruins? The chimney is often the only thing still standing. While brick chimneys may seem indestructible, the mortar that binds the bricks together is nothing more than a mixture of water, sand and cement. Exposed to the weather elements, it erodes and decays over time. Check the mud cap on top of the chimney for deterioration and inspect the mortared joints where the chimney enters the roof. If patches are required, it is a cheap and quick fix. Roof Armour has a coating to help strengthen your chimney and restore waterproofing capabilities.

Armour CoatingRestored and waterproofed Chimney with Roof

Armour Coating vs Restored and waterproofed Chimney with Roof

3. Offender: Flashings

Flashing are thin strips of metal installed at junction points and possible leak locations. They are installed to re-direct water away from the “gap” between walls, valleys and around penetrations such as chimneys and skylights. This is the number 1 issue we have found when locating leaks. Unfortunately, it is rare to find a roof contractor who knows how to work with metal and properly install these. They are often installed as an aesthetic feature with no fore-thought to purpose and effectiveness. For a chimney, they are bent at a 90-degree angle to attach to both the roofing material and the brick chimney. Flashing needs to be properly sealed to protect against water intrusion.  Roof Armour has a rubberized brush grade sealant and a self –adhesive roof tape to seal these types of flashing leaks. We would recommend also top coating with a “color-matched” coating to ensure longevity.

Improper use of flashingTaped, sealed and top coated area

Improper use of flashing does not re-direct water away from entering a building. This area was taped, sealed and top coated to ensure rain and snow does not enter.

4. Offender: Vent Boots

The vent boot is a close relative of flashing. Fabricated from rubber, it slides over the plastic vent pipes that protrude from a roof. It is designed to waterproof the junction between the roof and vent pipe. Vent boots are often rubber or plastic and are subject to cracking and aging.. When the gasket stops working the old boot must be replaced, and a new one installed. Sometimes you will encounter complications with this task and it may be easier to apply Roof Armours Seam Sealant to the entire vent boot to restore waterproofing capabilities.

Offender vent boots

These Vents sealed with Roof Armours Vent and Seam Sealant treatment and top coated with Roof Armours Flat Roof Formula to ensure a long lasting waterproof roof repair.

5. Offender: Holes

A hole can result in a roof from storm damage, which is obvious, or they can be more sneaky, living for years until an inspection uncovers them. These devious tiny holes can result from misplaced roofing nails, left over from a former antenna mounting bracket, or missing metal fastener. Again, the best fix is with a small piece of Roof Armours roof tape and seam sealant, with a color matched (if desired) top coat for longevity.

Multiple holes and flashing issues presentWaterproof Top Coat is spray applied by Roof Armour

Concern: Multiple holes and flashing issues present
Remedy: Sealant applied to all holes, fasteners, seams and overlaps to strengthen and lock in place. Waterproof Top Coat is spray applied by Roof Armour.

6. Offender: Skylights

Skylights can instantly transform any room or interior space! Unfortunately, most are not installed and flashed properly. Leaks can sprout down the sides of poorly fitted skylights and rubber seal around the glass can dry out and wear out as well, ruining the water barrier. Check for cracks in the flashing along the top and the sides of the skylight, as well as any missing or cracked shingles around it. Also, ensure the skylight was installed with proper pitch. Most skylight leaks occur due to flashing issues or improper installation, not the failure of the glazing that comes with the skylight. Skylight replacement can be costly. Try Roof Armours Sealant and color matched Top Coat when you notice your skylight is leaking.

Roof Armours Sealant applied to a leaking flashing

Roof Armours Sealant was applied to this leaking flashing and colored to match Chocolate Brown Metal flashing.

Roof Armour can perform these leak repairs for you or you can purchase a DIY Kit and try your hand at waterproofing your pesky roof leaks.