Flat Roofs

  • Roof Armour Flat Roof Repairs and Restoration
  • Roll Roofing, Tar & Gravel, EPDM and PVC Roofs are designed for varying levels of longevity, however some maintenance is still required to make them last.
  • Roof Armour’s Sealant and Restoration Coatings can protect your flat roof from developing common issues such as: Alligatoring, Curls, Blisters, Ponding, and Cracks.
  • Our premium roof coatings provide outstanding Leak, Water-proofing, Hail, Wind and UV protection

Aged, Leaking Commercial Flat Roof

Aged, Leaking Commercial Flat RoofsOur 3 Step restoration process uses 40+ year old technology to seal leaks and resist environmental elements, and rejuvenate the protective barrier.

Seam, Flashing & Penetration Sealant

Seam, Flashing and Penetration SealantRoof Armour’s Seam Sealer is formulated to provide a tough but flexible film for sealing and leak-proofing seams, side walls and penetrations.

The Ultimate Sealant and Restoration Solution for Flat Roof Systems

Roof Armour roofing crews are experienced with all sizes of Roll roofing, Tar & Gravel, EPDM and PVC Roof Restoration projects including; Industrial, Farm and Residential.

Roof Armour's 3 Step Flat Roof Restoration System delivers

  • An Immediate Solution
  • More Affordable than Re-roofing
  • Does not require Tear-Off
  • Extends existing roof life
  • Leak Free Peace of Mind
  • Energy Savings (cooler in summer, warmer in winter)
  • Ultimate Wind, Hail, Fire, and Waterproofing System
  • Minimal application disturbance to Occupants
  • Environmentally Friendly Application
  • Enhanced Appearance and Curb Appeal
  • Lifetime Renewable Warranty Available

Free Roof Estimates within 50km or projects over 10,000 sq ft