Restore your metal roof

Don’t Replace Your Metal Roof, Restore It!
Metal Roofs are one of the best roofing systems available, however some issues still remain.

  • Rust
  • Stripped Fasterners
  • Loose Fasteners which have backed out
  • Penetrations not flashed properly
  • Seams over-lapped the wrong way

Roof Armour’s Sealant and Restoration Coatings can protect your metal roofs and walls from rust and corrosion, eliminating the need for costly replacement. Our premium coatings provide outstanding Corrosion, Water-proofing and UV protection.

Rusty, Leaking Commercial Metal Roof

Rusty, Leaking Commercial Metal RoofOur 3 Step restoration process uses 40+ year old technology to stop rust, seal leaks and resist environmental elements.

Seam, Fastener & Penetration Sealant

Seam, Fastener & Penetration SealantRoof Armour’s Seam Sealer is formulated to provide a tough but flexible film for sealing and leak-proofing seams, end laps, fasteners and penetrations.

The Ultimate Rust and Water-Proofing Solution

The Ultimate Rust and Water-Proofing Solution for Metal RoofsRoof Armour’s Roofing Crew is experienced with all sizes of Metal Roof Restoration projects including; Industrial, Commercial, Farm, Residential, Mobile homes as well as RVs.

Metal Roof Restoration System delivers

Roof Armour’s 3 Step Metal Roof Restoration System delivers

  • An Immediate Solution
  • More Affordable than Re-roofing
  • Does not require Tear-Off
  • Complete Weather- Proofing
  • Extends existing roof life
  • Leak Free Peace of Mind
  • Energy Savings (cooler in summer, warmer in winter)
  • Ultimate Wind, Hail, Fire, and Waterproofing System
  • Minimal application disturbance to Building Occupants
  • Environmentally Friendly Application
  • Enhanced Appearance and Curb Appeal
  • Lifetime Renewable Warranty Available

Free Roof Estimates within 50km or projects over 10,000 sq ft