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Roof tempurature comparison with coating

Top 10 Benefits of Roof Armour’s Roof Coatings

Top 10 Benefits of Roof Armour’s Roof Coatings  Renewable  – Roof coatings can be renewed with re-application, thus Maximizing Roof Life. Reduced Roof Maintenance – Stretches the capital budget and reduces expenditures for repairs and costly shut downs. Energy Savings and Improved Efficiency – Roof Armour Coatings have an insulative value up to R-11, helping to […]

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A Hail-Proof Roof

A Hail Proof Roof? Fixing a hail-damaged roof isn’t cheap. With the threat of damage from weather and natural disasters, the roof is one of the most important parts of the home that needs maintaining. Being proactive in roof maintenance is best. Proactive homeowners can invest in ” impact-resistant roofing“, especially if they live in […]